Competition Architecture

About 50.000 competitors from 132 countries around the World will participate in the HackIstanbul CTF (Capture the Flag) competition either as individuals or as teams up to 4 members.

Registration deadline to HICTF’19 is July 30th. Followed by the first preselection stage on August 23rd. Successful competitors will be notified over registered email addresses and proceed to the second preselection CTF stage on August 29th.

Step Date Location
Registration Ends July 30th
First Preselection August 23rd Online
CTF Challenge (18 Hours) August 29th Online
Trainings September 18-19-20 Istanbul Atatürk Airport
Final Challenge September 22nd Istanbul Atatürk Airport

HackIstanbul uses a specially designed complex CTF management engine to challenge thousands of competitors to their limits the competitor will reach the system via VPN accounts delivered before the CTF. This engine instantly creates unique virtual machines for competitors to simulate real life cyber-attack scenarios. By using unique virtual machines and scenarios for each competitor, system prevents competitors to attack the system itself and try to manipulate the scoreboard or affect other competitors. Detection of any hostile or prohibited action will be approached as described in rules and conduct document.

Every stage of the competition has unpredictable levels of difficulty depending on the analyses of competitors’ behaviours and skill levels. The CTF engine will challenge the competitors for various skills like buffer overflow, hacking systems by information disclosure and many others. By offering wide range of attack vectors, scenarios will test all the expertise and skills of the competitors.

The second preselection stage on August 29th will challenge the competitors with a 18-hour Capture The Flag competition. The challenge will include both online and offline stages that successful completion will be required to proceed in the CTF competition. At the end of the 18-hour CTF run, only a few will proceed and be invited to Istanbul for the grand final competition.

The top 10 teams who succeed the CTF will be invited to Istanbul for the grand final stage that will be hosted at Istanbul Atatürk Airport on September 22nd.

The winning team will be awarded 10.000USD grand prize, while the 2nd best team will be awarded 6.000USD and the 3rd team will be awarded 3.000USD.

The winners will get their prizes from The President of The Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.